Press Release Community Ambassadors – Professional

Embajadores Comunitarios celebrates closing ceremony

This July 18th Embajadores Comunitarios (Community Ambassadors) held their closing ceremony of its seventh edition in the Hermanos Lanz auditorium of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB). The organization recognized their delegates, members, and allies for their support during the year.

The managing director of the foundation, José Antonio Domínguez, attended the event as one of the main speakers. Dominguez highlighted the difficulties of the academic year and shared several ideas with attendees. “This organization is built by every one of us and expected conditions are not always given. The leadership that we want to share is a positive leadership that proposes inspiring others and, above all, listening; every one of us must generate habits so that we have a greater capacity to transform ourselves and impact our environment,” Dominguez said.

The Boards of Directors presented certificates of recognition to the participants, volunteers, and allies of Embajadores Comunitarios programs. The event, of free access for attendees, featured an open space for members of Embajadores Comunitarios, in which they shared their review of the year.

As a final point to the event, members of the organization posed for the official photo of the academic year. Toto Aguerrevere, special guest of the event and ex Model of United Nations participant, engaged in a dynamic that delegates tend to do after every model. Aguerrevere took the floor and gave a speech of recognition and hope to the members of the foundation.

A year of success

During the current year and thanks to the supporting network of facilitators and allies, Embajadores Comunitarios provided oratory and negotiation tools to more than 150 delegates. Children from different projects of Embajadores Comunitarios (Ucabmun, Unimetmun, Chacaomun, and FEC Guayana) around the ages of 13 and 18 years old had the opportunity to delegate in different Model of United Nations simulations. Members of the foundation participated in several simulations around Venezuela, in states such as Guayana and Nueva Esparta.

The preparation process will not conclude until next October, when eight members of Embajadores Comunitarios, participants of the Mundial (Worldwide) project, will participate in the Conferencia Internacional de las Americas (International Conference of the Americas). The competition will be held in the Dominican Republic and delegates from Embajadores Comunitarios will try to enlarge the legacy of the foundation by winning awards and recognition.


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